Mail Carrier Sues for Religious Discrimination

Mail Carrier Sues for Religious Discrimination

( – A former United States Postal Service (USPS) employee from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania has filed a lawsuit claiming religious discrimination.

The man, Gerald Groff, is an Evangelical Christian who honors the Sabbath, which means he’s not allowed to work on Sundays. Groff eventually resigned after being told he was facing two suspensions.

The suspensions were a result of the USPS denying him the ability to take Sundays off, and Groff not showing up.

In the lawsuit, Groff is asking for back pay, reinstatement, a change in policy so that he can take Sundays off, and compensation for the emotional distress this situation has put him through.

Groff is not asking for a specific amount of money, instead, he’s willing to let the judge decide how much he could get.

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