Looters Strike — Sheriff Makes Them REGRET It

Four Illegals Arrested for Looting in Florida

3 Illegals Arrested for Looting in Florida

(TargetLiberty.org) – As Florida residents struggle to rebuild their lives after the impact of Hurricane Ian, they’re also having to cope with man-made problems. Criminals are taking advantage of the situation to loot damaged and unoccupied homes. Some of those looters wouldn’t even be in the country if the Biden Administration was doing its job of securing our southern border.

Police in Lee County, the hardest-hit part of Florida, have arrested three illegal immigrants for looting. On October 4, Sheriff Carmine Marceno hit out at opportunistic thieves, saying that the county has law and order and adding, “we have four cases of looting, and I’m proud to say they’re behind bars where they belong.” Three of the four — Brandon Mauricio Araya, Steve Eduardo Sanchez Araya and Omar Mejia Ortiz — are in the US illegally. The three, plus Valerie Celeste Salcedo Mena, robbed an unoccupied property in Fort Myers Beach during the storm.

The sheriff warned that looters who end up being arrested could be the lucky ones, saying, “You might walk in. You’ll be carried out.” Florida has a stand your ground law, which authorizes residents to use force to prevent the commission of a felony — such as looting.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) wants the illegals prosecuted, then deported back to their home country. “They should not be here at all,” he said.

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