Liz Cheney THREATENS To Leave GOP — Won’t Identify As Republican Anymore If This Happens

Cheney Vows To Leave GOP if Trump Is Nominated for 2024

Cheney Vows To Leave GOP if Trump Is Nominated for 2024

( – Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) has had a tense relationship with the rest of her party since the 2020 election. By setting herself up as an opponent of the last president, she’s opened a wide gap between herself and the GOP mainstream. Now, she’s talking about walking away altogether.

Liz Cheney entered Congress in January 2017 and quickly built a reputation as a neoconservative who supported most of former president Donald Trump’s program. She voted in line with Trump 93% of the time and was seen as a loyal supporter until the January 6 riots. At that point, she did a rapid about-face and became one of his loudest critics.

When the Democrats mounted their second attempt at impeaching Trump, Cheney was one of 10 Republicans who broke ranks to vote with them. Since then, she’s criticized the former president at every opportunity. She’s hinted at running against Trump if he takes another shot at the presidency. Last week, she said she plans to work to make sure he isn’t the party’s nominee in 2024 and added, “if he is the nominee, I won’t be a Republican.”

At this point, Cheney is barely a Republican anyway; the Wyoming GOP no longer recognizes her as a party member, and she was voted out of the House Republican Conference chair last year. If she does leave the party, she won’t be missed — but with the midterms approaching, a lot of conservative candidates could do without the drama she’s creating.

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