Lindsey Graham Says He Would “Leave Town” to Stop Reconciliation Bill

Lindsey Graham Says He Would

( – A leading GOP senator has said he’s ready to be absent from Capitol Hill if that’s what it takes to stop the Democrats’ massive spending plans. Last Tuesday, 56 Texas Democrats headed to Washington to deny their state legislature a quorum for a key bill; now the tactic could blow up in their faces.

In a July 18 interview, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said he would be willing to follow the example of the Texas Democrat state representatives who skipped a vote on July 13, forcing the Texas House to cancel a vote on a high-profile elections bill. He says he’s willing to use the same tactic to stop the mammoth $3.5-trillion “infrastructure” bill the Dems want to force through Congress.

Graham says the scale of the bill – much of which isn’t actually infrastructure funding anyway – would push up already high inflation, damaging our recovery from the COVID pandemic. Instead, he’s proposing a much smaller bill that costs just over $1 trillion and focuses on upgrading the US’s creaking transport, power and communications networks. Democrats want their own bigger bill, with its massive list of handouts; Graham says he’ll do anything legal to stop them.

Graham addressed his fellow GOP senators saying “we may learn something from our Democratic friends in Texas” in the fight against Biden’s spending plans – “leave town.” If all his Republican colleagues take his advice, the Senate can’t reach a quorum on Dem seats alone, and the bill will stall. Will the GOP rally around to make it happen?

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