Lindsey Graham Criticizes Biden’s Failing Policies

Lindsey Graham Criticizes Biden's Failing Policies

( – A leading Republican senator has told reporters he’s “amazed” at how poorly President Biden is doing in office. Citing multiple issues the administration has lost control of, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said the Biden White House is “in denial” and “doubling down on policies that are failing.”

Talking to journalists on July 6, Senator Graham – a former friend of the president – expressed his disbelief at the poor performance of the Biden administration through its first six months in office. Graham highlighted several serious issues where Biden has either made serious mistakes or run out of ideas:

  • The crisis at the Mexican border, which Biden delegated to Vice President Harris – who then failed to take appropriate action.
  • Afghanistan, where he’s pressing ahead with the withdrawal of US troops despite the situation on the ground having deteriorated badly since the pull-out plan was drawn up.
  • China, which is becoming increasingly aggressive and building up its nuclear missile forces.
  • The economy, where Biden’s uncontrolled and irresponsible spending plans are pushing a rise in inflation.

Biden’s policies have weakened US allies abroad and abandoned security at our own borders. Few people in his own party even seem aware of the danger, so we’re fortunate to have Senator Graham pushing back against the president’s mistakes on behalf of concerned Americans.

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