Lindsey Graham Calls for a “Draft Trump” Movement for 2024

Lindsey Graham Calls for a

( – With over three years to go until the next presidential election, senior Republicans are already looking ahead to Donald Trump’s role in the campaign. So far, Trump hasn’t confirmed that he plans to run again in 2024 – but many are hoping he will.

On May 18, Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) told Fox News’s Sean Hannity that he misses Donald Trump, then went on to call for a “draft Trump” movement to commit the former president to the 2024 race. Praising Trump as the only possible candidate who can say “Let me finish what I started. What I did worked,” Graham warned that President Biden is overwhelmed by the demands of the job and is losing control to his party’s left.

While Trump hasn’t formally said he wants the 2024 nomination, he’s still very active in the GOP. As well as heading North Carolina’s Republican Party Convention next month, he also has two personal rallies planned. Now Graham is trying to put even more momentum behind the Trump train.

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