Lightfoot’s Motorcade Caught Breaking the Law as Vehicles Rack Up Tickets

Lightfoot's Motorcade Caught Breaking the Law as Vehicles Rack Up Tickets

Democrat Mayor Thinks She’s Above The Law – This Proves It

( – Left-wing politicians are big believers in the old saying, “Do as I say, not as I do.” Now, Chicago’s mayor has shown off her hypocrite credentials. It seems that while she wants to impose stricter traffic laws on ordinary citizens, she’s not so keen on obeying them herself.

On July 25, CWBChicago revealed official vehicles allocated to Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) and her security team have racked up a string of tickets for traffic violations, and no one has paid the fines. Dubbing the controversial leader “Lori Leadfoot,” journalists reported in the last 14 months, two of the politician’s security vehicles have collected three speed camera violations and two warnings between them. Meanwhile, her official vehicle has multiple outstanding speeding citations and one for running a red light. Authorities issued several more tickets to a pair of security SUVs that the office has since replaced. Lightfoot’s staff hasn’t paid for any of the citations.

Chicago speed cameras previously gave drivers 10 mph leeway before issuing a ticket. During the COVID pandemic, Lightfoot reduced that to 6 mph, and now she’s refusing to increase it again. The mayor claims tougher enforcement is needed to improve road safety in the city; critics say she wants the increased revenue from fines. Apparently, the penalties don’t bother Chicago’s leader because she’s not paying them. Is it acceptable for politicians to ignore the laws they impose on the rest of us?

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