Life Wins in Oklahoma: Two Anti-Abortion Bills Passed in One Day

Life Wins in Oklahoma: Two Anti-Abortion Bills Passed in One Day

Pro-Life Activists Take Home Two MAJOR Wins – On The Same Day

( – Oklahoma pro-life advocates were celebrating last week, after the state passed two anti-abortion bills in a single day. The bills are similar to the ones Texas passed last year. Oklahoma now has some of the country’s strongest protections for the unborn.

On April 28, the Oklahoma Senate passed a bill banning abortion unless the mother has a medical emergency or is a victim of rape or incest. The bill also allows private citizens to bring a lawsuit against anyone who performs or assists with an abortion. This feature of the bill is modeled on Texas law, which was challenged by abortion advocates — but the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed those challenges last week, and the US Supreme Court has declined to look at the case. That clears the way for Oklahoma to introduce similar laws, and the state has wasted no time in getting it done.

The Oklahoma House also passed an anti-abortion law last Thursday, which like the Senate one, allows citizens to sue abortion providers and bans all abortions after the sixth week of pregnancy. The new Oklahoma laws could cut off a growing traffic of Texan women seeking to get round their own state’s laws. Up to last year, around 40 women a year traveled from Texas to Oklahoma.

Since then, state’s abortion ban the numbers have swelled to over 200 a month. Now Governor Kevin Stitt (R), who promised to sign “every pro-life bill that hits my desk,” has the chance to stop it. And, unlike previous Oklahoma abortion laws that took months to come into effect, the new ones have emergency provisions making them effective immediately once they’re signed.

Abortion supporters have pledged to fight the ban, but time is running out for them.

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