Liberal Voters Enraged After Illegals Dumped On Them

Photo by Max Bender on Unsplash

( – A meeting in Chicago led to division after residents expressed their opposition to the construction of a camp to house the influx of migrants. The camp would be in the Brighton Park neighborhood and would house more than 2,000 migrants.

Residents from the Chicago neighborhood were divided over the new plan that was confirmed by city officials. As they stated the camp would be constructed in a 10-acre vacant lot that is situated between California and 38th. The mayor’s office released a statement noting that they had found the construction of a camp to be a viable solution for housing migrants instead of letting them sleep outdoors on the floors of police stations or at O-Hare. They further pointed out that the temporary camp was going to be constructed before the upcoming winter.

However, as one resident from the neighborhood stated during the meeting no one had asked the residents whether they supported the decision. They further added that they had gathered signatures from thousands of people who opposed the project.

A different community member expressed concern about the safety of the children in the area.

Local officials have also alleged that they had not been notified at all about the planned construction. Ald. Julia Ramirez pointed out that the first time she was notified was when she had called the mayor’s office and requested more information and transparency about the planned construction. She added that the mayor’s office had verified that they were moving ahead with the plan to build a temporary shelter, however, the decision to do so had been taken without consulting any other official.

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