Liberal Media Outlets Continue Pushing Idea That Other People Besides Women Can Get Pregnant

Liberal Media Outlets Continue Pushing Idea That Other People Besides Women Can Get Pregnant

( – The Washington Post recently wrote an entire story about pregnancy without using the word “women” at all, instead referring to “pregnant people” attempting to be more inclusive. Time after time the mainstream media, federal agencies, and even the president talk about pregnancy as if it isn’t something only women can experience. Why?

President Biden made it clear last week he’s fully behind the extreme trans agenda. That puts women – even radical feminists who have traditionally supported the Democrats – in an awkward and dangerous position. Worryingly, media such as WaPo, New York Times, and CNN are increasingly going along with the trans agenda. Women are seeing their identity erased in the name of “equality.”

Last September, NPR published an article about the COVID vaccine and used the phrase “pregnant people” seven times – but didn’t mention women once. Even the CDC’s guidance on vaccinations has consistently avoided using the word “women” when talking about pregnancy.

A video message Biden released on March 31 makes it clear: This administration is backing radical trans activists.

Meanwhile, in the real world, those same activists are demanding that biological men be allowed to take part in women’s sports. They’re insisting that biological men be allowed into single-sex spaces traditionally reserved for women.

Dr. Nicole Saphier, a frequent Fox News contributor, told Fox News Digital that “More effort is being placed on defining gender that it is taking away from true gender-related issues, such as maternal mortality rates, gender-related cancer detection and mental health issues.”

A century’s progress in women’s rights is being erased by men that claim to be women by personal preference – and our president is allowing it to happen.

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