Leftists Call for Meat Tax To Pay for Climate Effects of Agriculture

Leftists Call for Meat Tax To Pay for Climate Effects of Agriculture

Leftists Demand MORE TAXES On Top Of The Ones Already Approved Through New Law 

(TargetLiberty.org) – President Joe Biden finally got part of his Build Back Better agenda through Congress in the form of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). He signed the legislation on August 16, and it includes a number of green initiatives. Although Liberals celebrated the passage of the bill, some of them want more, like a meat tax.

IRA Climate Measures

The IRA is being lauded as the largest bill to address climate change in history. The White House claims it will make it more affordable for families to purchase energy-efficient appliances by offering tax credits and rebates.

The law is also sinking money into solar projects, and expanding clean energy credits for solar, nuclear, wind, and other green initiatives. It also allocates funds to combat air pollution in low-income communities and communities of color. The Biden Administration claims those are people who are impacted more by the so-called climate crisis. Ironically, those are the same communities who would likely suffer the most if another brilliant leftist idea comes to pass.

Meat Tax

Radical leftists are calling for the government to institute a meat tax to help pay for climate initiatives. The idea is not a new one; organizations like PETA have championed the cause for years. The research firm, Farm Animal Investment Risk and Return (FAIRR), explained the purpose of a tax in a May 2019 article.

The group claimed levying a tax on meat would help reduce the consumption of animal products and help to pay for the environmental costs that come with its production. FAIRR repeated the bold claim made by the Oxford Martin Programme that such a measure would prevent more than 200,000 deaths and save people $40 billion in healthcare costs.

Vox writer Kenny Torrella, who supports a meat tax, criticized Biden’s IRA for “ignoring” the alleged problem with meat production. He claimed although the legislation provides about 5% to change farming practices, the biggest contributor to pollution is dairy and meat production. The new law probably will not make a dent in those areas.

Activists who want to push for the tax have not mentioned how it would impact struggling families. Millions of Americans live in food deserts where they don’t have access to fresh produce, or it’s out of their price range. That means they do their best to feed their families protein-dense food. Taxing meat would drive the cost of it up, making it even harder for those people to get nourishment.

Would you support a measure to tax meat? Or do you think such a measure would hurt American families?

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