Left-Wing Group Spends Thousands Begging Biden To Refrain From 2024 Run

Left-Wing Group Spends Thousands Begging Biden To Refrain From 2024 Run

Far-Left Group Pours Thousands Into Ad Campaign Against Biden

(TargetLiberty.org) – President Biden still insists he’s planning to run for a second term, but among Democrats, support for the idea is ebbing away. Now it’s going beyond a lack of enthusiasm. A far-left group is launching a six-figure ad campaign aimed at blocking a Biden 2024 campaign.

Barely more than a quarter of Democrat voters want to see Biden run for the Democratic nomination at the next general election. His performance in office hasn’t just enraged Republicans; it’s also been a huge disappointment to his own party. On July 11, RootsAction, a far-left group that campaigned for Biden in 2020 and persuaded many “Progressives” to support him, told news website Politico that the president is “neither bold nor surprising” — and announced it plans to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on an anti-Biden ad campaign.

RootsAction says it’s now recruiting Leftists to work against Biden. On their “Don’t Run Joe” website they say his chances of being re-elected are “bleak.” The same page says Biden won in 2020 because of the efforts of grassroots Democrats, and threatens to mobilize the same activists against him if he seeks the nomination again in 2024. The official launch of the #DontRunJoe campaign isn’t until November 9, the day after the midterm elections, but Left-wing Dems are already organizing against the president.

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