Latina Republicans Call Out Mistreatment of Hispanics By Democrats

Latina Republicans Call Out Mistreatment of Hispanics By Democrats

Latina Women Expose MISTREATMENT By Democrats

( – Democrats have largely maintained control of South Texas for decades. Earlier this year, Rep. Mayra Flores (R-TX) won a shocking victory in a district the Left had held for a century. Now, she and two other Latina Republicans are hoping to win in November, and they’re blasting Democrats for the way they treat Hispanic voters.

Flores, Cassy Garcia, and Monica De La Cruz spoke to Fox News Digital about the way the Democratic Party has treated their community. They believe the Left’s woke message no longer appeals to Hispanic voters. De La Cruz said she thinks they’re experiencing an “awakening” and realizing Progressives don’t represent the values of the Latino community, like “values of faith, of family, and the American dream.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) applauded the article about women. He said the GOP is the party of border security and opportunities.

Garcia said the Republican party truly represents the values Hispanics hold dear, including God and economic opportunities. She went on to say the Democratic Party is taking her community “for granted.”

In 2020, former President Donald Trump gained Hispanic voters in the race even though he didn’t win the White House. The shift showed Democrats might not have as much sway over the demographic as they once did. That’s the message the women were trying to get across.

What do you think? Is the Democratic Party alienating Hispanic voters?

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