Latin Countries Conspiring Against The U.S.?

Photo by Imre Tömösvári on Unsplash

( – An organizer of a migrant caravan that has been helping thousands of people reach the U.S. southern border by traveling through Mexico has claimed that Latin American countries had a conspiracy against the U.S. which was helping drive the immigration crisis. They further claimed that President Biden had “dropped the ball” on immigration.

Irineo Mujica, the caravan organizer, told Real America’s Voice that what was occurring was abnormal. He added that this was being used by countries in Latin America to ensure that they would be able to receive what they wanted from the United States. He further stated that he was “stunned” to see that President Biden had completely “lost.”

He proceeded to question how they did not know that the countries in Latin America were conspiring against the U.S. and where American intelligence was. As he pointed out, all the countries in the south were involved as they were trying to ensure that the crisis would continue so that they could “charge for that crisis. “

Mujica, who has claimed to be a defender of human rights for close to seven decades and is a U.S. citizen, argued that he has “never seen worse” and stated that the blame was on Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. He added that there were many things that Biden needed to learn and that his policies were significantly worse than those of former President Donald Trump who had known what to do not to fuel immigration further. He added that Obrador currently has the power in order to “pull them in” so that he could get everything he wanted.

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