Latest Crackdown Makes It Almost Impossible to Defect From North Korea

Latest Crackdown Makes It Almost Impossible to Defect from North Korea

( – It’s incredibly difficult for North Korean citizens to defect from their country due to the government’s tight control over its population. People have been severely injured trying to cross into South Korea. According to a new report, it’s becoming nearly impossible to defect from the North.

According to Reuters, in the 10 years since Kim Jong-un took power, he’s cracked down on defectors. From April to June, only two North Koreans were able to defect to South Korea. Typically, hundreds arrive in the neighboring nation in a quarter. Ha Jin-woo, who used to help people flee, said the supreme leader has “unconditionally blocked all North Koreans defecting from the country.”

Human Rights Watch, an American organization, conducted interviews with defectors who said crossing the border illegally is nearly impossible these days.

North Korea has not only tightened its own borders, but it has also reached out to China and asked them to do the same. The Chinese government is Kim’s closest ally.

In addition to North Koreans not being able to leave, those who have defected are unable to reunite with their families due to the harsh laws against reunification. This crackdown comes on the heels of others, such as increased punishments for people bringing banned media into the country. Seven people have been put to death for smuggling in K-pop videos.

Will the North Korean people ever be free from their tyrannical government?

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