Lara Trump Says “Donald Trump Isn’t Going Anywhere”

Lara Trump Says

( – President Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara has told Laura Ingraham the movement started by the president will continue, and that Trump himself “isn’t going anywhere.” Warning that millions of people feel they were cheated, she predicted an upset of the still-undecided election as the truth comes out.

Lara Trump, who married the president’s son Eric in 2014, is seen as a potential Senate candidate for her home state of North Carolina. She was also a senior consultant to Trump’s re-election campaign, and says the president is “very confident” he won the election. She went on to confirm the campaign is working hard to bring back integrity to the election system.

Even if Biden wins, she said, President Trump has awakened the silent majority and made America aware of how many people support him. She said the movement he launched is only going to grow, and that Trump will continue to lead it forward. No matter who is president next January, Donald Trump is going to play a major role in US politics for a long time to come.

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