Kristi Noem Wants Doctors Prosecuted for Abortion

Kristi Noem Wants Doctors Prosecuted for Abortion

This Governor Wants To Criminally Prosecute Doctors Performing Abortions

( – South Dakota’s Republican governor has called for more protection for the unborn in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to repeal Roe v. Wade. Several states — including South Dakota — have already brought in new restrictions on abortion. Now pro-life politicians are looking at how they can go further.

Last week’s Supreme Court ruling made abortions immediately illegal in South Dakota except where it’s necessary to save the mother’s life. On June 26, Governor Kristi Noem (R) told multiple journalists that the science behind the decision was sound — and called for new laws to deter unnecessary abortions. Noem said her new focus is on doctors who perform lawbreaking procedures in South Dakota, and she wants them punished. She also criticized mail-order abortion pills, which President Joe Biden has already said should still be available in all states despite the repeal of the landmark case.

What Noem doesn’t want to do is punish pregnant women; on Sunday, she told CBS the state will ensure it isn’t “prosecuting mothers ever” in these cases. Instead, she’s planning to offer a range of support, including improved services for women who want to offer their babies for adoption.

The US abortion debate is entering a new phase, with the pro-life side now occupying the high ground, so we can expect a lot more discussions like the one Noem is starting in South Dakota.

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