Kid Rock Reveals in Interview: “I Am Uncancelable”

Kid Rock Reveals in Interview:

( – Musician Kid Rock has released a new song that’s going to upset a lot of liberals – but he’s not worried about falling victim to cancel culture. In a new interview with Tucker Carlson, he says he simply can’t be canceled – because he doesn’t care. Has he discovered a secret weapon in the culture war?

On March 21, Fox News aired an interview with Kid Rock (real name Robert James Ritchie), an eclectic 51-year-old musician who sings everything from rap to country. He’s recently written a new song critical of President Biden, focusing on the disastrous results of the administration’s COVID policies and referencing the “Let’s go Brandon” joke hated by Liberals. Carlson asked Kid Rock why he hasn’t been canceled yet, pointing out “people aren’t allowed to say what they think. You are.”

His reply was instructive. He told Carlson he’s “uncancelable, … Because I don’t give a f**k.” He explained that he doesn’t rely on anyone else and doesn’t have a contract with a record company or any other corporation. In other words, there are no levers to pull that end with Kid Rock feeling the strain. “You can’t cancel me,” he emphasized. “I love it when they try.”

Is that all it takes to defeat the Left’s “woke” warriors? To just not care about what they say?

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