Kevin McCarthy Confirms Biden’s Weak Leadership Emboldened Enemies

Kevin McCarthy Confirms Biden's Weak Leadership Emboldened Enemies

( – A top Republican lawmaker has shredded President Biden’s foreign policy record, saying the aging leader’s weakness has encouraged totalitarian regimes. So far, this administration has been asleep at the switch over Afghanistan and Ukraine. What’s next?

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) told Fox News over the weekend that President Biden’s policies have given a green light to the enemies of freedom. Singling out nations like Russia, Iran and Venezuela, McCarthy said the Biden administration’s weakness on foreign policy had “emboldened all the evil leaders of the world.”

McCarthy highlighted Biden’s energy policies as a leading problem. The president has focused on a green agenda at the expense of domestic energy production, increasing our reliance on imported oil and gas, saying “That empowers Iran, Venezuela and Russia. That’s where they get their wealth.”

The congressman also slammed Biden for the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, which followed a promise from Biden to get every American out of the country – a promise he didn’t keep. He pointed out two weeks after showing weakness to the Taliban, Biden went on to show weakness to Russia, allowing the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline to go through, (when former President Trump had signed a law imposing sanctions against it). To then add insult to injury, Biden shut down the US pipeline project claiming it was going to negatively impact our environment.

According to McCarthy, the Biden administration has been consistently weak, and our enemies have taken note. We can all see the consequences in Ukraine. Will the increasingly confused president take the right lessons from the war now raging in eastern Europe? Or are we doomed to more disasters for as long as Biden is in the White House?

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