Kevin McCarthy Attacks Biden for Being “Too Slow” in Ukraine Response

Kevin McCarthy Attacks Biden for Being

( – If the Biden administration has a strong point, it definitely isn’t foreign policy. This time, a top GOP legislator said President Joe Biden isn’t doing enough to help Ukraine resist the Russian invaders.

On March 20, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) appeared on Fox’s “Sunday Night in America” to talk about the ongoing Ukraine crisis. McCarthy led off with praise for President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s video address to Congress last week, highlighting how the Ukrainian leader had only asked the US for weapons to defend his country. Then, he pointed out that President Biden is answering the call too slowly.

McCarthy reminded host Trey Gowdy that Biden had inadvertently encouraged Putin by hinting a “minor incursion” would draw less of a response from the West. Then, he delayed too long in approving weapon supplies to Ukraine; as McCarthy said, “Biden has waited so long the supply chain is not just there yet.” He pointed out if Biden had sent more help to Ukraine early on, Russia might not have invaded.

Finally, McCarthy raised the point that Biden’s inaction isn’t just last week’s news. China is still applying pressure on Taiwan, and if the western response to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is too weak, Beijing might be tempted to make a move of its own. He urged, “ Sell Taiwan the weapons to defend themselves, so America is not getting asked the question to go to war.”

Will Biden act in time to save Taiwan from Ukraine’s fate?

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