Kenosha Riots Leave Two Dead

Kenosha Riots Leave Two Dead

( – On Sunday, August 23, 29-year-old Jacob Blake was shot during a confrontation with Kenosha, WI, police. The shooting was captured on video and resulted in near-immediate protests. The peaceful demonstrations were soon taken over by violent agitators and now two people are dead.

Violence rocked the city on Tuesday night when a riot led to shooting. According to reports, it appears as though agitators and armed civilians clashed, at some point shots were fired killing two and injuring another. The shootings followed an alleged confrontation between protesters and armed men who claimed to be protecting a gas station.

Kenosha Police Lt. Joe Nosalik said the incident involved all white victims and happened at around 11:45 p.m. Videos of the incident and its aftermath have been circulating on social media.

Sheriff David Beth condemned the violence in an interview with Kenosha News, saying “hell no” armed citizens should not be patrolling the streets. Another man described the scene as “chaos.”

The riots have led to multiple businesses being burned down. Jacob Blake is in the hospital recovering from the police shooting that set off the riots. Officials estimate dozens of buildings were destroyed or damaged in the wake of the violence. Many Americans are, once again, worrying about whether or not their livelihoods will be wiped out next.

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