Kamala Harris Sued by Journalist

Kamala Harris Sued by Journalist

(TargetLiberty.org) – A journalist is suing Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) for launching a prosecution against him. He says the charges were bogus and part of a conspiracy to violate his rights. David Daleidin has faced both criminal and civil actions after capturing undercover film of Planned Parenthood (PP) activists apparently discussing the sale of aborted babies – and he’s blaming a lot of it on Harris.

Daleidin has the dubious honor of being the first journalist ever prosecuted under California’s recording laws, and he says that’s not because of the methods he used – methods that he says are common among investigative journalists even in the ultra-liberal state.

He believes he met such a ferocious legal response because he was publicizing issues that PP and state officials — including then-state AG Harris — wanted kept quiet.

Now, he’s filed a suit against both Harris and current AG Xavier Becerra, alleging his prosecution on privacy charges was part of a conspiracy to bury claims that PP was selling the body parts of aborted infants. Recently unsealed documents seem to back up Daleidin’s claims. Now, he hopes he can hold Harris to account for attempting to silence him.

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