Kamala Harris Slammed for Argument Against Voter ID Laws

Kamala Harris Slammed for Argument Against Voter ID Laws

(TargetLiberty.org) – The embattled vice president is taking more fire over her complaints about voter ID laws. She’s accused of patronizing rural voters and maligning the Republican Party – and, increasingly, she’s looking like a political liability for Biden.

On July 13, Fox News commentator Brit Hume took aim at Vice President Harris’s misguided comments. Hume said Harris was “politically very stupid” to criticize requirements for voters to send a copy of their ID when applying for a mail-in ballot. Pointing out that voter ID is a complex issue, he said Harris was stretching a “fragile” argument against it so she could portray Republicans as trying to suppress the vote. In fact, he said, voter ID was a popular initiative.

Hume was seriously critical of Harris’s performance, saying the White House must be wondering “whether having Kamala Harris out front on a lot of these issues has turned out to be a very good move.”

Harris’s performance in office has been controversial. The first big project Biden gave her was solving the crisis at the Mexican border, but she didn’t even visit the border until former president Donald Trump forced her hand. Since then, she’s been rocked by accusations of a “toxic” atmosphere in her office. It looks like Biden should have chosen someone more competent as his vice president.

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