Kamala Harris Gets Backlash Amid Gavin Newsom Campaign

Kamala Harris Gets Backlash Amid Gavin Newsom Campaign

(TargetLiberty.org) – Vice President Kamala Harris spent September 8 in sunny California campaigning on Governor Gavin Newsom’s (D) behalf. The besieged leader of the Golden State faces a special recall election in September, which prompted the pair to schedule a rally on Wednesday in hopes of drumming up support. One small group of protestors located nearby had a very different response.

Protestors Gather at the Rally

It was an unfriendly welcome Harris likely didn’t see coming. Activists in San Leandro set up shop just 100 yards away from the IBEW-NECA Joint Apprenticeship Training Center where Wednesday’s rally took place.

The group of approximately 20 people wasn’t just present to support removing Newsom from office in September. While a small number of attendees carried signs supporting the recall, others had a stronger message for Kamala Harris about the crisis in Afghanistan.

Fox News Reporter Ashley Zavala shared video from the protest on Twitter:

Protestors marched back and forth along a small section of street while carrying Afghan flags and a large banner in the foreign country’s colors. Signs identified attendees as “Democrats for Afghanistan” and called on leaders to stop criminalizing Afghan refugees. Others called for Newsom’s recall while advocating for Larry Elder to be elected in his place.

At least one bright yellow flag showcased the iconic and patriotic “Don’t tread on me,” snake, also referred to as the Gadsden flag to support freedom and independence.

Attendee Questions Harris’ Silence

One protestor, Willy Moosayar, spoke to the press directly about what he refers to as the ongoing Afghan “humanitarian crisis.” The activist says protestors specifically targeted Harris’s rally location for action on Wednesday; they accuse her of failing to address the issue.

Moosayar claims Taliban insurgents are actively taking away women’s rights, education, and access to resources, leaving the Afghan people in dire straits. The Afghan-American citizen also accuses President Biden of killing 10 innocent civilians in a recent drone-based attack.

But Moosayar’s main question for Harris was simple: why is America, a “world powerhouse,” refusing to intervene in the crisis, opting to partner with known terrorist forces instead? He calls on the current administration to fix immigration policies and to bring more Afghan refugees into the United States.

Some voters will disagree with Moosayar’s views on immigration. Yet, statistics show people clearly aren’t happy with the current administration’s handling of the issue. Nearly 57% of respondents to a mid-August Morning Consult poll said it wasn’t going well; over half disapproved of the way Biden handled Afghanistan. So, why isn’t Harris speaking up?

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