Justice Department to Sue Google (REPORT)

Justice Department To Sue Google (REPORT)

(TargetLiberty.org) – A major antitrust lawsuit was launched against Google by the Department of Justice on Tuesday, October 20. It’s a move that could see the tech giant broken up to counter what lawmakers say is a monopoly on internet searches and the advertising revenue it generates. So far, 11 state governors – all Republican – have joined the federal government in the lawsuit.

The DOJ is accusing Google of using the value of its advertising systems to force cell phone manufacturers to make its search engine the default. About 90% of all web searches are made with Google’s search tools. The lawsuit accuses the company of rigging the market to make it almost impossible for other search and advertising companies to compete.

Google denies the charges and says it’s easy to use a different browser or search engine. The company told reporters “this isn’t the 1990s,” a reference to a similar case against Microsoft launched by the Clinton administration – a lawsuit Google supported at the time.

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