Justice Amy Coney Barrett Intimidated by Protestors at Her Own Home

Justice Amy Coney Barrett Intimidated by Protestors at Her Own Home

Supreme Court Justice’s Home Gets A Dangerous Surprise

(TargetLiberty.org) – Pro-abortion activists have recently made headlines for targeting the home of a Supreme Court Justice. The far-left mob, splashed with fake blood and holding plastic babies, demonstrated outside Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s home last weekend. It was a blatant attempt to intimidate the judge.

On June 18, dozens of Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights activists gathered outside Justice Barrett’s Falls Church, Virginia, home holding baby dolls and wearing clothes soaked in fake blood. The group waved pro-abortion placards and released a Twitter statement proclaiming, “We aren’t incubators!” They called on Americans to take to the streets to defend the controversial 1973 Roe v Wade decision.

A new poll by Fox News found most Americans disapprove of protests outside a Justice’s home, with only Democrats tending to think it’s acceptable while large majorities of Republicans and Independents say it’s inappropriate. Meanwhile, pro-abortion activists continue to grow more extreme.

Last week, a domestic terrorist group called Jane’s Revenge warned pro-life organizations, “the leash is off,” and they plan to use violence against pro-life groups. Over 100 House Republicans have called on the Biden administration to take action against the group, but how many more radical far-left fanatic groups are out there?

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