Judicial Watch Sues Governor

Judicial Watch Sues Governor

(TargetLiberty.org) – Last month, Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) decided he was going to give $75 million to illegal aliens in his state. His excuse was they needed help during the COVID-19 virus too, but didn’t qualify for the aid Americans were receiving. The governor was quickly sued by residents who said he was misappropriating tax dollars. Now he’s being sued again.

The Policy

The California governor wants to give 150,000 illegals $500 each. Newsom’s plan to subsidize illegals will actually cost around $125 million. However, donations are covering the rest of the tab.

When he announced the plan he said he has a “deep sense of gratitude” for the lawbreakers. According to the governor, the payments would not depend on their income and he would not require “their personal information.”


Many taxpayers were rightfully angry when they learned of their governor’s plans to give their money to people who shouldn’t be in the state, to begin with. The Center for American Liberty sued Newsom on behalf of Ricardo Benitez and Jessica Martinez. They asked the Supreme Court to stop the state from handing over their money to illegal aliens.

On May 6, the California Supreme Court refused to block the plan to give away taxpayer dollars. But they aren’t the only group suing.

Judicial Watch Inc. also filed suit for taxpayers Howard A. Myers and Robin Crest. The lawsuit seeks to block the policy with a permanent injunction. The lawsuit also names the director of the California Department of Social Services, Kim Johnson, who’s overseeing and administering the program. It also contends Newsom can’t give away money without the legislative branch’s approval.

It’s understandable why taxpayers are so ticked off. Newsom wants to give their hard-earned money to people who shouldn’t even be in the US. It’ll be interesting to see how far the plaintiffs take this fight.

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