Judge Says No to Online ‘Ghost Gun’ Instructions

Judge Says No to Online 'Ghost Gun' Instructions

(TargetLiberty.org) – A federal judge in Seattle has blocked the Trump Administration’s efforts to allow publishing of “ghost gun” instructions on the internet.

Ghost guns, which are firearms created by 3D printers, have been the subject of much debate in recent years. These weapons are not registered, cannot be traced, and are nearly impossible to catch with modern metal detectors. Some say this makes them particularly dangerous.

US District Judge Richard Jones granted an injunction at the request of Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson while the case plays out in the District Court for Western Washington.

This is not the first time that courts and legislators have tried to keep instructions for ghost guns from appearing online.

In February, New York saw two new bills introduced that aim to outlaw ghost guns: the Scott J. Beigel Unfinished Receivers Act and the Jose Webster Untraceable Firearms Act.

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