Judge Rules White Teacher Traumatized By Critical Race Theory

Photo by Thomas Allsop on Unsplash

(TargetLiberty.org) – A judge appointed by former President Obama has ruled in favor of a Penn State Abington former professor who had filed a lawsuit against his employer arguing that the critical race theory training was “anti-White.” The professor had pointed out that in one of the training sessions it had been noted that the problem was “White Teachers.”

Zack De Piero, the former professor, had sued the college stating that he had been forced to attend training in which he was told that the English language was a symbol of “White supremacy” and that it was racist. The training also included several other statements against White People.

On Wednesday in an interview with Fox News Digital, he had pointed out that the training had been traumatic as he was unable to get the teachings out of his head. He added that they were constantly playing in his head like a newsreel. As he shared, he wished he was able to get the phrase “White teachers are a problem” out of his brain but he was unable to do so.

He added that the training continued to bother him and that the teachings still were with him every day.

Eastern District of Pennsylvania Judge Wendy Beetlestone ruled that Da Piero had solid ground to proceed with the lawsuit against his former employer who had requested that the case be dismissed. She further pointed out that when looking at the type of CRT training that had been used, she found that he had solid ground to file the lawsuit.

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