Josh Hawley Pushes to Stop Female Military Draft

Josh Hawley Pushes to Stop Female Military Draft

( – Senior congressional Democrats are working to give women a taste of equality that many of them might not actually want – the right to be involuntarily drafted into the US military. Now, a Republican senator is stepping up to defend women’s right to choose military service – or not.

In July, Senator Jack Reed (D-RI), chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee, proposed a change to the National Defense Authorization Act that would, for the first time, make women subject to the draft. After stating that “all Americans” should be eligible for the draft, he changed the proposal to use gender-neutral language that, nevertheless, includes women.

On November 1, Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) filed an amendment aimed at blocking the women’s draft. Hawley told Fox News he believes the change is “wrong and out of touch.” He made it clear that women have been vital to the US military since the country was founded, but headed off accusations of sexism by saying the idea they should be forced to serve was “crazy.”

The above report from Fox News also pointed out that surveys have displayed a decrease in support for the female draft. While over 60% of Americans supported it in 2016 according to an Ipsos poll, that number dropped to just 45% in August 2021.

Drafting women has bipartisan support in Congress – but the US military isn’t a supporter. In fact, the Pentagon isn’t interested in the ability to draft anyone, and says it’s determined to keep the armed forces all volunteer. So why is Congress so determined to expand the draft when it will likely never be used?

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