John Brennan Says Biden Intelligence Will Target “Insurgency” Groups

John Brennan Says Biden Intelligence Will Target Pro-Trump

( – A former CIA chief has said that under the Biden administration, the federal intelligence agencies will make so-called “insurgency” groups their top target. In a world threatened by Islamic terrorists and Chinese spies, some will question this priority.

John Brennan, former CIA director during the Obama administration, gave an interview on MSNBC on January 20, when he revealed that the new president plans to turn the nation’s intelligence agencies loose on its own citizens. He said the Biden team members “are moving in laser-like fashion” to learn more about what he called an “unholy alliance” of various groups, which ominously included libertarians – a mainstream US political ideology.

Brennan claimed the situation America is facing resembles an insurgent movement infested with white supremacists and bigots.

The U.S. has been deeply divided for some time now, and actions like these may only cause further chaos. It’s hard to take Biden’s inauguration message about “unity” seriously when his administration and the mainstream media are set on targeting U.S. citizens.

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