Joe Rogan Won’t Invite Donald Trump Onto His Podcast

Joe Rogan Won't Invite Donald Trump Onto His Podcast

Joe Rogan Speaks Out Against Donald Trump

( – Podcaster Joe Rogan recently did an interview on another program, “The Lex Fridman Podcast,” where he made some revelations about former President Donald Trump. Rogan announced that while he had ample opportunity to have the former US leader on his show, he “always turned” it down. In fact, the podcaster told Lex Fridman he’s “not interested” in helping Trump in any way and will not invite him for an interview — ever.

Although Rogan admits the previous president would likely beat President Joe Biden in a head-to-head rematch in 2024, he doesn’t want to play any part in getting Trump back in the White House. In short, the former UFC commentator is not a Trump supporter and said he never backed the previous commander-in-chief. During the podcast, Rogan called Biden’s interview with Jimmy Kimmel an “embarrassment” and believes the president is well into a mental decline.

Although there was a fake response making the rounds on social media regarding a response from Trump, Snopes could not find any proof the former president addressed Rogan’s comments thus far.

Do you agree that Trump would win in a battle for the Oval Office between himself and Biden, should they both run in 2024?

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