Joe Rogan Claims DeSantis Would Make a “Good President”

Joe Rogan Claims DeSantis Would Make a

Joe Rogan Sparks Controversy With What He Said About Ron DeSantis

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) is having a good year so far. As well as some key victories in the state legislature, he’s building up a huge campaign fund for his re-election campaign. Now, he’s also being talked up as a future president.

Popular podcaster Joe Rogan discussed DeSantis on the June 28 episode of his show, and it sounds like he’s impressed. When actress Gina Carano, who was appearing as a guest, asked Rogan if he had decided who to endorse for the 2024 race yet, Rogan replied DeSantis “would work as a good president.” He went on to praise his work as governor, saying what he’s done for Florida is “admirable.”

Rogan singled out DeSantis’s response to the coronavirus pandemic as an example of his competence. Florida locked down more lightly than most other states and came out of it earlier. DeSantis faced plenty of criticism for his decisions, but in the end, he proved right — Florida suffered less severely than many states that imposed stricter rules, and its economy is recovering more quickly. DeSantis also promoted the use of monoclonal antibody treatments, despite repeated attempts by the federal government to interfere.

Although DeSantis hasn’t said he plans to run, he’s quickly becoming a GOP favorite. In May, he was the top choice among delegates at a Wisconsin Republican Party conference; only former president Donald Trump came close. If DeSantis can win over America as well as he has his own state, he looks set to be a formidable candidate.

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