Joe Biden’s Disapproval Rating Is Now Higher Than His Approval Rating

Joe Biden's Disapproval Rating Is Now Higher Than His Approval Rating

( – As President Joe Biden continues to lead the country, Americans seem to be less sure of their decision to put him into the Oval Office. A February IBD/TIPP poll of 1,355 voters put the president’s approval rating at a measly 38%, with his disapproval rating climbing to 48%. The survey further shows Biden’s presidential leadership index number tanking to only a 44.4% approval rating among American citizens.

Investor’s Business Daily and TechnoMetrica take into account how the POTUS handles domestic and foreign affairs, job approval, and weakness or strength as a leader.

In addition to its job approval polls and assessments, IBD/TIPP also produces an Economic Optimism Index each month for the United States by surveying over 1,300 people. Among those polled, the economic confidence level dropped 1.6%, with the financial outlook declining by roughly the same amount.

IBD stated the pandemic is likely the biggest weight dragging down the president’s numbers; they allege Democrats are beginning to distance themselves from Biden. When the Washington Post tried to question Senators Mark Kelly (D-AZ) and Raphael Warnock (D-GA) about the president, they both seemed to dodge them.

Time will tell what the numbers could mean for the November midterms and 2024 general election.

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