Joe Biden Just “LOST” His Biggest Group!

Joe Biden Is Losing Support Among Middle Class

Joe Biden Is Losing Support Among Middle Class

( – One reason President Joe Biden won the election is that, in contrast to his party’s far-left radicals, middle-class Americans have always seen him as a relatively safe moderate leader. Now, that image is falling apart. With only days left before the crucial midterm elections, the middle class is abandoning a president they think has abandoned them.

A new poll by the Trafalgar Group has some bad news for President Biden. The survey, carried out from September 21-26, found that 51.5% of Americans think Biden cares “much less” about the middle class than his predecessors did. Another 3% think he cares “somewhat less,” so even allowing for the poll’s 2.9% margin of error, it’s clear this is a majority opinion.

Poll numbers like these would be a worry for any president, but for Biden, they’re truly alarming. During his campaign for the Democratic nomination, he positioned himself as the moderate candidate who could appeal to middle-class voters. Middle-class women were the key demographic that won him the election. Now, the gloss seems to have worn off.

While in office, Biden has indulged the far Left faction in the Democratic Party, allowed crime to run out of control, and failed to get a grip on inflation. Rebecca Weber, CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens — which commissioned the poll — said, “senior citizens, and especially AMAC members, want a nation that’s built on freedom, and a nation that’s safe.” Biden isn’t delivering what people want, and he and his party could pay a heavy price for his record on November 8.

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