Joe Biden Finally Says What GOP Knew All Along

Joe Biden Finally Says What GOP Knew All Along

( – On Friday, April 16, the Biden administration announced it was keeping former President Donald Trump’s cap on refugees at 15,000. Progressives were furious which led to his team walking back the decision and vowing to raise the cap this year. The next day, the president defended the move and admitted something Americans already knew.

After playing a round of golf on Saturday in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden spoke to reporters and defended his policies. He said they’re going to allow more refugees in but he was “working on the crisis” at the border first. He claimed his administration couldn’t work on both things at the same time.

The comments marked the first time Biden has called the problem at the southern border a “crisis.” Meanwhile, Americans have been concerned about it for months. Maybe this is a signal that his administration is finally taking it seriously.

But don’t get your hopes up — his agreement to use the cap established by Trump is only temporary as the Progressives continue to pressure him to increase it significantly. According to Press Secretary Jen Psaki, he has already agreed to set an increased cap in May.

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