Joe Biden Falls Lower Than Obama and Trump at Same Time in Presidency

Joe Biden Falls Lower Than Obama and Trump at Same Time in Presidency

( – On January 25, a new Gallup poll showed President Joe Biden continues to fall in the eyes of the American people. In the recent survey of about 800 people, only 37% said they think the president is a strong leader.

That number is a stark contrast from voters’ views on prior leaders, including former Presidents Donald Trump at 54%, Barack Obama at 56%, and George W. Bush at an impressive 63%.

Although the poll showed Biden’s likeability number was high at 60%, and nearly half believes he cares about the people’s needs, interestingly, those surveyed apparently don’t feel those characteristics make a great leader.

The continuing coronavirus pandemic, out-of-control inflation, problems at the border, failing to pass the Build Back Better plan, and missteps in Afghanistan are likely among the reasons for Biden’s low 40% approval rating.

Before the current leader took office, the American public had a more favorable view, with 46% believing in September 2020, he would make a strong and decisive leader. Unfortunately for the administration, those views didn’t seem to hold.

Biden responded he doesn’t “believe the polls” when asked about the numbers, However, the sampling of voter opinions may indicate he would likely be unsuccessful in another run for the White House.

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