Joe Biden Cut Off During Live Briefing

Joe Biden Cut Off During Live Briefing

( – Are President Biden’s staffers conspiring to keep him quiet? Biden’s interactions with the press over the last few months have fueled concerns that White House staff doesn’t want the president to answer questions. Now it looks like him even asking them is a step too far.

On September 13, Biden, on his first presidential visit to the West Coast, took part in a live-streamed briefing on wildfires in Boise, ID. There weren’t any technical issues as a series of officials discussed the problem. Then Biden got involved. He asked a forestry official if he could ask a question; naturally, the official agreed. Biden then started to ask something – but before he even finished the first sentence, the stream cut off.

This isn’t the first time Biden’s been cut off in mid-sentence.

On August 25, a reporter asked what he would do if any Americans were abandoned in Afghanistan – as thousands allegedly were. Reports say Biden made an inappropriate joke, but the world missed most of it because the stream was abruptly cut. Is it just a coincidence that the president’s technical support has suddenly become so unreliable? Or is his staff pulling the plug to make sure our commander-in-chief doesn’t embarrass the nation?

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