Joe Biden Criticized After Insensitive Comments

Joe Biden Criticized After Insensitive Comments

( – President Biden stumbled into another humiliating gaffe last week, when an attempt to appeal to the woke wing of his party ended up offending minority-ethnic Americans.

On June 24, during a talk in Raleigh, NC, Biden decided it would be a good idea to add a racial element to the COVID vaccination rollout. He claimed that “It’s awful hard… to get Latinx vaccinated” because “they’re worried they’ll be vaccinated and deported.”

Biden’s words caused a storm on the internet, for two reasons. Firstly, the term “Latinx” is almost exclusively used by white leftists. Polling shows that over three-quarters of Latinos have never even heard the term. One study from the Houston Chronicle reported that about 90% dislike it. Most people who commented on the president’s comments don’t seem to like it either, with Republican congressional candidate Buzz Patterson (CA) labeling Biden “the biggest racist in the country.”

Meanwhile, several people took issue with Biden’s comments about deportation. Journalists Alana Mastrangelo and Rita Panahi were just two of many who slammed the assumption that all Latinos are illegal immigrants. Whatever reasons Latinos have for not getting the COVID vaccine, in most cases, fear of deportation just isn’t among them. Sadly, our president doesn’t seem to get that.

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