Joe Biden Conducts Private Interviews With Potential Supreme Court Nominees

Joe Biden Conducts Private Interview With Potential Supreme Court Nominees

( – President Biden will soon be nominating the first – and likely only – Supreme Court justice he’ll get to choose. It seems he’s reached the point of interviewing candidates on his shortlist, but has he shortlisted them for the right reasons?

Justice Stephen Breyer’s January 27 announcement that he plans to retire from the Supreme Court – after an alleged sustained campaign by leftists to force him out – gave Biden the chance to nominate a replacement. It won’t change the overall liberal-conservative balance of the Court but it does mean Biden can show off his radical credentials by choosing the “right” sort of judge, and that’s exactly what he seems to be doing.

During his election campaign, Biden traded an endorsement from black congressman Jim Clyburn (D-SC) for a promise to appoint a black woman to the Supreme Court. Now, a White House insider says he’s interviewed three of his four picks – Ketanji Brown Jackson, J. Michelle Childs and Leondra Kruger. The fourth candidate is rumored to be Candace Jackson-Akiwumi.

Biden seems determined to keep his promise to Clyburn – but his real duty is to the American people, and he seems to be ignoring it. It’s 2022; do we really want our top judges to be chosen on the basis of their race and gender? Isn’t that exactly the sort of sexist Jim Crow behavior the Democrats claim to hate so much? Our judges should be chosen based on their abilities, not the color of their skin.

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