Joe and Hunter Aren’t the Only Bidens Under Investigation

Joe and Hunter aren't the Only Bidens Under Investigation

( – Presidential-wannabe Joe Biden is no stranger to investigations having been suspected for his part in the last administration’s fake probe against the Trump campaign. His son Hunter now faces his own legal difficulties, with the IRS and FBI digging into his business dealings in China. As if that isn’t bad enough, a third member of the Biden family is also under investigation.

James Biden, Joe’s younger brother, is under investigation in Pennsylvania over his role in a healthcare company that’s now bankrupt. Why is it bankrupt? Well, two medical firms that had dealings with James Biden claim he was fraudulently transferring money out of the business. Now, investigators want to know where that money went.

The Biden campaign says the former vice president never discussed healthcare investments with his brother – but then, they also said he never discussed Ukrainian deals with his son, and we know that wasn’t true. What’s going to emerge next? Our would-be president’s relatives are starting to look like a low-budget Mafia TV show.

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