Jill Biden Faces Backlash After Baby Food Shortage Response

Jill Biden Faces Backlash After Baby Food Shortage Response

Jill Biden Gets Roasted After Posting “Out Of Touch” Remarks On Social Media

(TargetLiberty.org) – Parents across the country have been desperately searching for baby formula. Supply chain issues, including the closure of the largest plant in the US, have led to nationwide shortages. First Lady Jill Biden is now taking heat for things she said about the shortage.

On Tuesday, May 17, the first lady made a joint statement with Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy, about the formula crisis. She spoke directly to parents telling them she knows how it is to love their children and worry about them. Biden said she wants them to know they are doing a great job even when it might not feel that way. She finished by saying the president and his team are “working around the clock” to solve the formula shortage.

Twitter users under her post condemned her for her remarks. One user said the remarks by the Surgeon General and FLOTUS are “typical of this administration” instead of “being proactive,” they’re always reacting.

Another American wanted to know if the administration actually planned to do something or if there would continue to be “empty promises for political gain.”

While Jill Biden makes promises on Twitter, two children have been hospitalized in Memphis, Tennessee because their specialty formula is out of stock. Four children in South Carolina were hospitalized because of the shortage; in one case a parent made their own formula.

Families need action, not Twitter videos.

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