Jen Psaki Can’t Even Name Joe Biden’s Biggest Achievement

Jen Psaki Can't Even Name Joe Biden's Biggest Achievement

( – While it seems that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has an answer for every question during her regular briefings, there are times tough inquiries catch her off-guard. On December 14, a reporter asked Psaki a two-pronged question to which she had no response. The press inquired as to what the administration considers its biggest accomplishment in foreign policy and what lessons the White House learned from the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Instead of responding on the spot, the press secretary said she’d rather discuss her answers with President Joe Biden before responding. She claimed she wanted to be thoughtful about her answers in front of the American people, although some citizens suspect she didn’t answer the question because she couldn’t think of an accomplishment to name. Given the president’s low approval numbers, it appears that naming an achievement may prove difficult.

Instead, many point to the administration’s failures over the last 11 months. These include allowing Iran to double its enriched uranium stock in November and watching as China allegedly successfully launched a hypersonic missile. These are only two of the many perceived failures since Biden took office.

Perhaps after speaking with Biden, Psaki will circle back to the question so America can share in the administration’s achievement and see the lessons they learned from its mistakes.

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