Jeffrey Epstein Guards Make Stunning Admission

Jeffrey Epstein Guards Make Stunning Admission

( – There are a lot of questions surrounding the alleged suicide of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. Those concerns were amplified by the illegal behavior of his prison guards. And now, those corrections officers have made a deal with prosecutors so they can avoid jail time.

In 2019, reports revealed that prison guards, Tova Noel and Michael Thomas, were sleeping and browsing the internet while they were supposed to be watching Epstein on the night he allegedly took his life. According to a report by the Associated Press on May 21, the guards admitted they falsified the “counts and rounds” data that night when they completed their inspection of Epstein’s cell.

The guards made a deferred prosecution deal with the Department of Justice that will allow them to stay out of jail if they meet the terms of the agreement. They’ll be under supervised release, have to complete 100 hours of community service and fully cooperate with the DOJ’s inspector general. In a statement to the press, Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) called the deal “a joke.” He said Epstein was the alleged head of an “international child sex trafficking ring” who escaped justice and now the guards who failed to keep him alive “are going to be picking up trash on the side of the road.”

Epstein’s alleged co-conspirator, Ghislaine Maxwell, goes to trial in the fall.

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