Jan 6th Rioters On FBI’s Most Wanted List?

Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash

(TargetLiberty.org) – The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) released a complete list of fugitives who are wanted because of the role they played during the January 6, 2021, Capitol attack, following the increase in the number of defendants who absconded rather than face trial. Currently, there are still seven individuals who are wanted by federal investigators. Some of them have already been indicted on charges connected to the incident.

Four of the seven are specifically being accused of having assaulted an enforcement officer. The FBI has also released the images of those wanted calling for the public to assist them with both identifying and locating the individuals. As the agency noted their full investigative resources have been deployed in order to find those responsible for the criminal activities noted.

This announcement came after CBS News recently reported that Eric Bochene, who did not appear during his pretrial conference in July on four charges, had been apprehended in New York a month later. During the hearing, he had appeared remotely from jail after previously absconding from the court proceedings.

Bochene has been charged with two counts of violent entry and two counts of having knowingly gone into a restricted building. He had only pleaded guilty to one of the charges which related to his entrance into a restricted building.

The individuals that the FBI is looking for currently are 51-year-old Evan Neumann, who is indicted on 14 counts, 24-year-old Jonathan Pollock, who is wanted for assaulting an officer, 32-year-old Olivia Pollock who is facing charges of unlawful entry, 27-year-old, Joseph Daniel Hutchinson III, 39-year-old Adam Ryan Villareal, and 49-year-old Paul Belosic.

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