Jan 6. Prisoners Now Have New Hope

Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash

(TargetLiberty.org) – On Friday, Jan. 6 defendant Yvonne St Cyr was convicted by a jury on six criminal counts. This verdict did not surprise her as he had previously admitted to being on the Capitol grounds and inauguration stage during that Capitol riot. She had also admitted to pushing further inside the Capitol and even pushing against officers. Following her entrance into the Capitol through a broken window she proceeded to stream her presence on a live broadcast on Facebook.

Following her conviction, she once again went on her Facebook app and opened her husband’s account to go live once again. There were only a handful of users there watching her stream in which she announced that she had been convicted on all six counts but was not surprised as she “knew that my justice was not going to come through their corrupt system.”

She then proceeded to say “God’s got my back, and I’m protected.” But God does not appear to be the only one she believes is on her side. In fact, she also spoke about how Tucker Carlson, the Fox News host is also on her side as he is exposing what took place on Jan. 6, 2021, with his show. She added that “ I just keep watching Tucker, keep spreading the truth, keep talking about the corruption, keep sharing, and we will bring the system doooooowwwwn.”

St Cyr is not the only one to hold this belief. A number of Jan. 6 defendants and their supporters have become certain that the out-of-context clips of a security video that Carlson’s team has been airing on the show are going to provide them with the necessary material to open up their cases.

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