It’s OK to Go Outside, Just Not Here

It's OK to Go Outside, Just Not Here

( – The coronavirus outbreak has changed just about every aspect of American life. Now, even though we’re being told it’s perfectly fine to go outside, some of the places we want to go are closed. Such is the case with the Appalachian Trail.

Sandra Marra, President and CEO of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, is officially asking people to “Please stay off the trail.”

She explains that many people have flocked there thinking that nature is the perfect solution for social distancing during the outbreak.

However, so many people have visited that exactly the opposite is happening. Officials fear that picnic tables, restrooms, and shelters along the trail could help to spread the virus.

Part of the concern is that hikers could unwittingly carry the virus back to their communities or even introduce the disease to a rural community along the trail that lacks medical resources.

The Appalachian Trail may be a big one, but it’s not alone. Many state parks are either closed or no longer offering facilities such as campgrounds, bathrooms, and lodges. Some national parks have closed as well, including Yellowstone and Grand Teton.

Before venturing out to one of these outdoor venues, be sure to check that it’s open.

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