Israel’s “Edge of Tomorrow” Program Tests New Military Equipment


Israel Launches Groundbreaking “Edge Of Tomorrow” Soldier Program

( – Israel is used to being outnumbered by its enemies, but in the sort of fights the country is facing today — urban combat against terrorists and insurgents — that’s more of a challenge than traditional battles against conventional armies. Now the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are trying to seize back the initiative. They’re running a series of exercises to test the latest high-tech equipment, under the bold title “Edge of Tomorrow.”

Israel wants to use technology to let its soldiers work better as a team, be more aware of the tactical situation, keep fighting for longer, and be more lethal when they confront the enemy. The Edge of Tomorrow exercises are testing a variety of equipment, including ballistic augmented reality goggles that display the location of friendly and enemy forces in a soldier’s eyeline, using information from network-enabled weapon sights and reconnaissance systems. Soldiers are also testing secure digital radios, smart weapon sights, and tactile sleeves that use pulses and vibrations to pass information to soldiers.

The exercise isn’t aimed at finding out what soldiers like; the goal is to compare the effectiveness of units before and after they get the new technology, to discover what’s worth developing and what isn’t. Most of all, the IDF wants to make its soldiers more capable of sharing and using information. We’ve all heard of the “fog of war.” Now Israel is planning to clear the air.

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