Israel’s Defense Minister Issues Chilling Warning About Iran

Israel's Defense Minister Issues Chilling Warning About Iran

( – President Joe Biden’s administration has been trying to negotiate with Iran to reenter a nuclear agreement. Meanwhile, the Middle Eastern country has been reportedly enriching uranium — a necessary material for nuclear bombs — to 60% purity since April. The uranium needs to be 90% pure for the weapons. Israel is now issuing a chilling warning.

During a recent meeting of the UN Security Council, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said the Iranian government could have enough material to build a bomb within 10 weeks. He called on diplomats to act, saying, “words are not enough.” He went on to express the need for “diplomatic, economic and even military deeds.”

Just because the country might have enough material for a bomb in 10 weeks, doesn’t mean it will have an actual bomb. Enriching uranium is just one step in a long process. According to the Daily Mail, Iran would still need to put that material in a tip, mount it to a missile tip, and launch it so it accurately hits a target. Some experts believe Iran would need several years to create a warhead.

That doesn’t mean the world should brush off the Israeli government’s concerns. Every step Iran takes in that direction is not only bad news for Israel, but for the rest of the world as well.

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