Israeli Military Reveals Just How Tragic Things Have Gotten

Photo by Chris Hearn on Unsplash

( – On Monday Israel Defense Forces Maj. Doron Spielman showed Fox News viewers the effects of the Saturday Hamas terror attacks in Israel. The coordinated attacks led to hundreds of Israelis losing their lives and a war being launched.

Spielman was located only a few miles from the Gaza Strip while showing one of the Hamas vehicles that had driven from the Palestinian territory into Israel and ambushed the people who were driving through the highway in Israel. Hamas filed against civilians without consideration which led to many of them losing their lives. In the scene that Spielman is showing the viewers could see cars that were left behind, clothing and backpacks that belonged to young children as well as zip ties that had been used by Hamas to bind the hands of the Israeli people they took as hostages.

As he stated this was a planned attack and there were even places where this was more evident than here. He then noted that Hamas had started to fire against the car with a heavy change gun.

Trey Yingst, the Fox News correspondent pointed out that the Israelis had faced a “nightmare” which was obvious to see through the images of the cars painted with blood and filled with bullet holes. He added that many Israeli communities were forced to fight against jihadists without having any support from the military.

Yings also pointed out that this attack was coordinated and that Hamas had been able to push into Israeli territory, which was something that Israel was still handling in certain areas in the center and south.

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